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What is the service life of rattan furniture?

May 27, 2023

People who do the rattan furniture industry will encounter customers asking such questions. As a professional question, the average customer does not ...

People who do the rattan furniture industry will encounter customers asking such questions. As a professional question, the average customer does not understand easily, but wants to get a professional and exact answer. The service life is not only related to the cost of use, but also to the marketing environment, the big thing about the hospitality environment.

So, what kind of rattan furniture is good? How many years can I use good rattan furniture? Where can I find good rattan furniture? How do consumers judge?


1. The good rattan furniture uses the new PE imitation vine material, the purchase channels are big manufacturers, and some imported rattan, the product quality is guaranteed. UV sunscreen ingredients are added during the rattan production process, and the service life has been rigorously tested, ensuring a 3,000-hour all-day sun protection; the general price is more than 18 yuan per kilogram, while the ordinary inferior rattan is recycled. The main material, will not add UV sunscreen ingredients, the cost is low, the price is as low as 5 yuan per kilogram, the quality is not guaranteed. It breaks in almost 3 months and fades until it is completely scrapped;

2. Good vine-like materials can ensure that the outdoor weather is used for 3,000 hours all day long. According to the area with more sunshine in the south, it can be used for at least 3 years.

3. Even the best rattan materials require a good framework. Iron frame materials are generally difficult to handle rust-proof or even not treated, and will soon rust, and even the frame is loose and cannot be used. Rusty rust water can even pollute the ground, causing heavy losses to customers; therefore, high-quality rattan furniture is generally made of aluminum alloy material, which is mostly 6063 international standard aluminum material, aluminum alloy material will not rust, the surface passes It can effectively prevent oxidation after electrostatic spraying and can ensure long-term use. Under normal circumstances, the life of the aluminum alloy frame is longer than the life of the rattan, so customers can use it with confidence. There are also many customers who want to rehabilitate the rattan before the normal life expectancy of the rattan expires, which is also a good use strategy;

4. The average consumer can’t judge the good rattan furniture, because even the inferior materials made of rattan furniture can not be judged by the naked eye at the beginning of the new use. Therefore, the average consumer should try to choose a big brand, check the reputation of the manufacturer on the Internet, and understand the strength of the producer before making a decision;

5. Inspecting the production factory can pull the rattan. If it can be effectively stretched and will not break, it is generally regarded as a better quality rattan, that is, with a new PE material; but this result cannot be judged whether the rattan is added. The UV component, so it can only be a part of the inspection, in order to get accurate information, it also needs to be submitted to professional institutions for monitoring. Or let the merchant express a piece of rattan, let us better understand the new high-quality PE rattan material.