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How about outdoor furniture in rainy days?

May 27, 2023

Many netizens on the Internet are asking: What should I do when the furniture is on the terrace? First of all, let's first say, why should we put furn...

Many netizens on the Internet are asking: What should I do when the furniture is on the terrace? First of all, let’s first say, why should we put furniture on the terrace?

The terrace is the most pleasant place in a villa, it can transform into different styles of design, with different tastes. If you have a garden, what would your day be like? In the morning, the old man took the kettle and laid the flowers leisurely; in the afternoon, the parents took the teacup and talked about the interesting things freely; in the evening, the baby who came home from school, cheerfully teased the cats and dogs; the courtyard, the flowers bloomed; it is good. A period of time, people feel very comfortable.

Nowadays, in the high-rise buildings in the city, everyone wants to have a small garden of their own. However, it is obviously difficult to have a private ground in the city, and the terrace is relatively more realistic. Therefore, the terrace has become a garden for people. The hope of dreams, the people who are fortunate enough to have this treasure, will of course spend a lot of money on the terrace to simulate an idyllic landscape or landscape. Whether it’s for leisure or entertaining guests, sitting on a beautiful terrace, watching the clouds, and listening to the breeze, it will be the most enjoyable experience in the modern society.

In my own home, although I can’t appreciate the unnatural infinite spring, it can also be “smooth and fascinating.” Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, no matter how happy or not, in this small terrace, watch the flowers bloom, watch the winter and spring, feel the preciousness of life and nature.


That Xiaobian will share with you what should happen when it rains the garden terrace.


First: waterproof flooring

Many friends on the terrace like to lay wooden floors, which looks more artistic, but the material of the wooden floor can not withstand the rain, so you can put a layer of waterproof material after the wooden floor is finished, or use it from the beginning. Waterproof panels can also be directly selected from wood preservatives. The age of anticorrosive wood will be relatively long.


Second: large parasol

You can use a large parasol to cover, whether the sun is sunny or rain can help you a lot, but the umbrella must be fixed, so as not to blow away when the wind is strong.


Third: quality outdoor furniture

The tables and chairs in the garden, the tables and chairs placed in the garden need to withstand long-term wind and sun, so it is very important to buy a durable outdoor furniture. The material of the rattan is very good and the crack resistance is good. It is also very durable, and it is also an ideal garden table and chair. In addition, the storage function seat allows the soft cushion to be placed directly into the seat to avoid handling.


Fourth: pavilion or sun room

This is the most direct point. Make a glass roof on the terrace and turn it into a sun room directly. There is no worries, you can make it beautiful, and you don’t have to worry about the weather. There is a terrace garden in the house, romantic and comfortable, and the loss of flowers and plants allows us to fly ourselves, to enjoy a quiet and beautiful life, and under the night of the rice and oil, there is also a spiritual comfort.


In fact, the terrace garden can be big or small, the most important thing is to let the family get some leisure time when they are free, or a pleasant suffocation time.

Of course, the terrace garden is now very popular among young people, which can bring a more active atmosphere to the lack of life, and provide a relaxing space for the tired people, which can inject a fresh vitality into the turbid air. But the more beautiful things need to be protected, the terrace garden is a good place to rest, and it needs to be carefully maintained.